Hassle-free and flexible financing and insurance services all under one roof.

About Us

Welcome to Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia
Mercedes-Benz  Services Malaysia is a member of Daimler Financial Services AG, the services arm of the Daimler Group. We are part of one of the most prominent captive financial services providers, operating globally in more than 40 countries. As one of the largest automation financiers in the world, Daimler Financial Services is also the world leader in commercial vehicle financing.

Here in Malaysia, we are supported by more than 40 authorised dealership with more than 70 sales outlets nationwide and offer you a broad range of automotive financing and insurance solutions.

When you finance or insure your vehicle through Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia, you will receive a product which has been tailored exactly to your needs. Depending on your vehicle selection, you will find that we have developed a quality financing solution to match. We also have an array of value added insurance and maintenance products to give you further peace of mind. A one-stop solution – at your FUSO dealership around you.




Our range of comprehensive and innovative financing solutions are designed with you and your business in mind. They allow you to select an option that suits your business needs and cash flow requirements best, so that you can own your vehicle without worry.

Hire Purchase Classic
The conventional way of financing your FUSO truck. It’s a simple and effective solution of maintaining fixed monthly instalments over the period of agreement. We offer options up to seven years and 90% financing.

Advantages and Benefits:
•    Choice of tenures to suit your cash flow
•    Fixed instalments throughout the agreement
•    Ownership at the end of the agreement



Hire Purchase Balloon
Hire Purchase Balloon is a versatile financing option to maintain a lower monthly instalment and be flexible in your repayment methods at the end of the agreement. You will pay equal monthly instalments and a predetermined Balloon amount (deferred amount) at the end of the agreement. We offer options up to five years and 90% financing.

Advantages and Benefits:
•    Lower monthly instalments with a pre-agreed deferred amount
•    Fixed instalments throughout the agreement
•    Flexibility with three options at the end of the agreement
•    Cash flow flexibility

End of Agreement Options:
•    Pay balloon amount & take full ownership of the truck
•    Extend finance by refinancing the balloon amount
•    Trade in your vehicle for a new FUSO

Hire Purchase FlexiPay

Our FlexiPay product is designed for those with seasonal cash flows. You can structure your loan tenure with up to five years and 80% financing. We have two different FlexiPay options; Seasonal Payments and Payment Holiday.

Advantages and Benefits:
•    Enjoy your cash when you need it the most
•    Flexibility to manage your annual company cash flow according to your business needs
•    Instalment schedule is fixed at start of agreement and remains the same throughout
•    Ownership at the end of the agreement


As thoroughly as our vehicles are designed to protect you, FUSO Motor Insurance is here to protect you and your vehicles too. Take advantage of our one-stop solution when you combine our insurance products with financing.

  • Immediate Policy Issuance
  • On site policy issuance at all FUSO authorised dealerships.
  •  Waiver of Betterment Charges
  • The deduction for betterment is waived for vehicles up to 5 years old subject to guidelines from Persatuan Insuran AM Malaysia (PIAM).
  •  USE of Genuine Spare Parts
  • Only genuine parts will be approved at FUSO authorised service centres.
  • Cashless Windscreen Claims
  • Cashless replacement of damaged windscreen at any FUSO authorised service centre.
  • Towing Services
  • For accident towing up to RM200 per service.


Q: Can I get help choosing the right financing package?
A: Our FUSO Finance and Insurance Executive are trained specialists and are more than happy to discuss your motoring and personal needs to find the most suitable financing package for you.

Q: Over what period can I finance my vehicle?
A: Our products are available with tenures from 12 to 84 months, depending on the finance product you have chosen.

Q: Do I need to make a down payment?
A: In most cases, yes. This depends on the finance product you choose and the amount you borrow. The higher your initial down payment, the lower your monthly installments will be.

Q: Will the interest rate change throughout my agreement?
A: No, as our offers are based on a fixed rate agreement. You will know exactly what you will be paying from the beginning to the end of  your agreement.

Q: Can I pay off my loan early?
A: You have the right to settle you loan earlier. However, you may be charged an early settlement fee based on the finance product which you have chosen.

Q: What are the payment options available for me?
A: Please refer to the front section of this brochure to choose from our range of convenient payment options available.